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Bluegill & Bream are a fish that is one of the top fish in North America for both sport and table-fare by popularity. At times, aggressive and other times elusive. This sight-feeder depends on vision for its feeding. The bluegill - bream is an insectivore that loves grubs, on jigs and can be caught year round with small floats. Gapen makes many jigs popular with Bluegill & Bream and other species in this cichlid range such as Shell Crackers and Red Ear Sunfish. Gapen has selected the best Bluegill and Bream catching tackle so you can enjoy more tight lines.
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Jigets Jigets
Price: $1.25
Mr. Waxy Ice Jig | Gapen Mr. Waxy Glow Jig Mr. Waxy
Price: $1.25

Egg-N-Eye Egg-N-Eye
Price: $1.25

Tail Dancer Tail Dancer
Price: $1.39

Crappie Monkey Crappie Monkey
Price: $1.39

Crappie Jig Special, Crappie Bait Jig, Plastic Crappie Jig, Crappie Jig and Tail, Crappie Swim Jig Crappie Bait
Price: $1.39

Mousey Mousey
Price: $1.39
Teardrop Jig Teardrop
Price: $1.45

Crappie Vixen Crappie Vixen
Starting At $1.69

Ice N Ant Ice Jig Fly by Gapen Ice-N-Ant
Price: $1.85

Freshwater Shrimp Jig, Fly Tie Jig, Crappie Hair Tie Jig, Tinsel Jig, Maribou Jig, Trout Jig, Panfish Jig Freshwater Shrimp
Starting At $2.00

Starting At $2.95

Bobber Anne Float 'Bobber' Anne Float
Price: $3.50

Flicker BT Flicker BT
Starting At $3.95

Red Ball Scent Ball | Jig Tip | Ice Fishing Egg | Red Egg Ball | Gapen Red Ball | Red Ball Tipper | Plastic Fish Egg Red Ball - (24ct.)
Price: $4.25

Most Sensitive Fishing Rod | Graphite Kevlar Spinning Rod | Gapen Spinning Rod | Graphite IM6 Wrap Spin Rod | Walleye Rod | Trout Rod | Perch Rod | float fishing rod Wilderness Rod - Spinning
Starting At $75.00

Graphite Spinning Rod Spinning Rod | Gapen Spinning Rod | Graphite Wrap Spin Rod | Walleye Rod | Trout Rod | Perch Rod The Gapen 10
List Price: $179.95
Starting At $179.95
Select any Gapen fishing tackle to catch more Bluegill and Bream. Best Bluegill and Bream bobbers, jigs and lures to catch more of your favorite panfish.