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Crappie Bait
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Crappie Bait
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Crappie Bait Jig

The Crappie Bait Jig is a premium plastic crappie jig built with hot colors for all water conditions and the waters where crappie live. A full selection of premium crappie jig and tail combinations allow you to change with the weather - fish dark shades in bight conditions for crappie and then change to brighter colors as the sun goes down or on overcast days.

Different bodies of water and stains (shades) of water also call for a change in your crappie bait jig color. For fishing stained rivers, you will find our bright chartreuse crappie baits to be ideal when mixed with pink or chartreuse crappie jig heads.

Gapen's crappie bait jig can be used as a cast and swim bait or can be vertically jigged to entice big crappies to take the bait. Tip with a small bit of bait or use the Gapen Red Ball as a scent tip to draw the attention of crappie nearby. Use the Gapen Red Ball after attaching a small crappie minnow to hold your live bait in place and keep it on the hook longer. You may find that no bait at all will trigger strikes from hungry crappies as the swim action on these crappie bait jig combos gets crappie feeding.

The swim of the bait will activate on the drop because of the crappie bait jig's design and crappie absolutely love baits on the drop. Strikes will occur as the bait slowly swims downward into or above a school of crappie. Be sure to watch your line on the cast for signs that the jig has been intercepted, crappie to suspend and ascend to attack their baits.

The lighter crappie bait jigs are great for this tactic and for catching fish "on-the-drop". A hot tip, when using the crappie bait jig, use your rod tip to not only slow the decent of the bait but also to feel the strike of the crappie as your crappie jig drops through the water column. Have your rod tip follow the jig down the last 5 - 6 foot as this is the strike zone where often crappie will strike. By using your rod tip to slow the descent, you will put the crappie bait jig right into the action as hungry fish are watching the drop. Try both fast drop and controlled slow drop to see which the fish are preferring on your day. Conditions and crappie moods change so be ready for anything by having an assortment of additional colors and sizes.

Crappie Bait Jig Color Chart: Chartreuse/Black = Chartreuse Head/ Black Body, Etc...

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