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Wooly Bugger
Wooly Bugger

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Wooly Bugger
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The Wooly Bugger is a classic fly. The action and temptation of this mammoth meal in a stream, its tantalizing hair action is too much for many trout and salmon. Work this through your stream - the fish will tell you how good a Wooly Bugger is. Gapen's Wooly Bugger is like it's other flies. This one is weighted to work down deep in the hole and get down in fast current. A Gapen fly is constructed of the best fish-catching materials with fly-tying expertise found only in Gapen's generational patterns passed down from our forefathers and brought from England and Scottland home to legendary fishers of flies. Your components will last, are tied to both tantalize and take a pounding, Gapen flies are an amazing value. Tie one on, cast one out and hold on - oh boy, you had better watch you line for pick-ups. Remember to buy back-ups for yourself and a couple extra for your friends and family - when you start catching, you will wish you did...

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