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  Waggle Minnow
Waggle Minnow- Hardwood Bait - Made in USA

Waggle Minnow
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9" = $24.95

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Waggle Minnow
Custom made in a small wood shop in central Wisconsin, the WAGGLE MINNOW (a jointed wood lure) is made to special specifications of the Gapen company. It hosts a heavy Lexan lip which allows this lure to run between 5 and 10 feet deep. The WAGGLE MINNOW'S targeted fish are mammoth muskie, trophy pike, stripers, and all saltwater species.

The quality components and finishes of these handmade wood lures are next-to-none with saltwater quality metals and construction that can take the beating that monster fish can hand out - our "Beaver-Cut" lures will last and last cast after cast. Unlike lesser species of large predator baits, our U.S.A-made product is built to last until you are ready to hand it down to your grandson. Of course, there will be some teeth marks that will need touch-ups and you probably will put some newer hooks on it when you hand it over.

Snap a waggle minnow on to a tough leader with some heavy line and a brute-force rod because you will need to brace for impact.
The 9" Waggle Minnow is currently available in Red & White and Sucker colors. The 7" Waggle Minnow is available in many assorted muskie and pike-catching colors.

Built with an extra-tough lip that makes this muskie-pike bait great for trolling true and also for casting to structure. Waggle, waggle, waggle, the jointed structure is calling another monster fish in.

Gapen's "Beaver-Cut" handmade wood lures are manufactured
in the USA by proud American crafters.

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