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"How-To" Use Summer/Winter Jigs-Special Hints

During the winter months, when fishing through the ice, lower jig to desired depth and twitch slightly. DO NOT overdo twitching action. Add meal worm or bits of garden worm to jig for added scent.

During summer months in open water, use any of these jigs previously shown on a bobber/float. Each has enough weight to sink readily. They also can be used on a fly rod. The Hog-N-Jig in size #4 is an excellent walleye and big game fish jig. Great results can be attained on bluegill by using Mr. Waxy or our Egg-N-Eye jig.

Note: Ice fishing equipment (rods and reels) have changed dramatically over the years. Rods are now graphite, preferred length 2 1/2 feet. Graphite is far more sensitive than glass or bamboo. Reels are often an ultra lite openface, once used in summer for panfish. Line weight preferred by most is 2 pound with 4 pound being the heavier size. Remember, all fish species in winter ice fishing conditions are lethargic and slow moving. Thus, they fight less than they do in summer mode.