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Bass Fishing Fly Kit, Floating Bass Flies Fly Kit - Bass Sinking Fly Kit - Muskie
Fly Kit - Bass Floating
List Price: $17.95
Price: $17.95

Fly Kit - Bass Sinking
Price: $17.95

Fly Kit - Muskie
Price: $24.95

Bass Fishing Fly Kit - floating bass flies from Gapen.
Fly Kit - Bass

Fly Kit - Muskie

Fly Kit - Northern Pike Lure Kit - Bluegill Lure Kit - Crappie
Lure Kit - Bluegill
Price: $14.95

Lure Kit - Crappie
Price: $14.95

Fly Kit - Northern Pike
Lure Kit - Jumbo Perch Kit Lure Kit - Largemouth Bass Lure Kit - Northern Grayling
Lure Kit - Jumbo Perch Kit
List Price: $29.95
Price: $29.95

Want great value and a fantastic perch-catching kit - try the Gapen's Jumbo Perch Kit and save over $14! This kit includes some of the most effective perch-catching lures, an instructional DVD and bite-making Gapen's Red Ball Eggs - proven irresistible to perch everywhere.
Gapen Lure Kit Smallmouth Bass Lake River Smallmouth Bass Kit Trout Lure Kit
Lure Kit - Trout
Price: $14.95


River Smallmouth Kit

The river smallmouth bass kit is hand-picked by our Hall of Fame river expert to get you smallmouth from river spots where they feed. You might not have EVER fished something this good on the river so it is time to kit up and start really catching fish.

If you are new to river fishing, you should seriously think about adding our Smallmouth Bass River Fishing DVD so that you can pick up the tips, tricks and expertise in a hurry.

Your River Smallmouth Bass kit contains:
  • 2 - 1/16 oz. Ugly Bugs (Orange & Black)
  • 2 - 1/8 oz. Ugly Bugs (Purple & Crawfish)
  • 1 - 1/4 oz. Ugly Bug (Chartreuse)
  • 2 - 1/4 oz. Freshwater Shrimp (Orange & Black)
  • 1 - 1/16 oz. Hellgrammite (Brown)
  • 1 - 1/8 oz. Hellgrammite (Crawfish)
  • 1 - 1/4 oz. Hellgrammite (Brown)
10 pieces hand-selected as the best Gapen river fishing lures, jigs that go down and bring up the smallmouth. From his experiences as a river guide and on his fishing shows, these are the lures that Dan Gapen throws to get the strikes and hook-ups. Different sizes for different areas help you to manage changing river conditions and the different depths you will fish. The colors also reflect the shades and hues that catch their eye -natural colors of the different foods they eat.

The Ugly Bug lures are a patented design to make them snag-free. These jigs go down in the rocky structures where most river smallmouth bass eat. The arms and the exclusive jig head design, help to keep the jig out of cracks. The jig head's design also helps the jig collapse so you can pull it free. You aren't smallmouth fishing if you aren't fishing rocky areas - and you haven't fished smallmouth if you haven't jigged an Ugly Bug.

Hellgrammite Drift Jigs
'Female' Hellgrammite Drift Jigs This specially-designed drift jig, Gapen's female Hellgrammite Drift Jigs best imitate a dislodged bottom dweller which is swept away by current flow and cast rapidly downstream.

HOW IT WORKS: Cast slightly upstream to a spot directly above the fish holding area you've selected. Begin retrieve by holding rod tip high (never lower it after cast), slowly lower it to comfortable retrieving position as lure departs downstream. At this moment, the boat handler has placed the motor and craft in a 'slip' mode (boat backs slowly downstream while still in forward thrust). As the boat and fishermen slowly back downstream, and the lure is propelled by current in a similar direction, the angler continues to hold their rod tips high, lowering every so often as current and depth at lure position decreases/increases and deepens/shallows. The lure is then eased around an exposed and submerged rock pile by reeling in the appropriate amount of line, then allowing it to drip again. With the boat travel no longer keeping up with lure drift, the angler retrieves his lure rapidly to the boat.

WHY IT WORKS: Special head design of this jig makes it drift in proper fashion. Rubber legs best represent the larger female hellgrammite while body design enhances both of these factors.

WHERE IT WORKS: The Hellgrammite Drift Jigs work best in shallow (2'-6'), rocky flat areas in river systems where current flow exceeds 2.5 miles an hour. It works best in lakes on shallow rocky island/shoreline reefs which are shallow in nature. We include these as the absolute top lure for smallmouth - hands down.

All Gapen lures are designed with materials and composed to live, dance and fall to make fish strike. The movements of their natural food are the best for getting fish to attack. Using quality components and workmanship also helps our lures to last you longer and catch you more fish.

Gapen Lure Kit Walleye Lake Gapen Lure Kit River Walleye