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Gapen Company Fishing Show Schedule 2022
We hope we see you at one of these 2022 fishing shows.
If you missed us last year, we hope to see you at a show near you!

Our next Fishing Show is Indianapolis!

February 18-20 & 23rd - 27th, 2022.Hall of Fame Angler Bobber Anne - Indianapolis Fishing Outdoors Show

Meet Fishing Hall of Fame member Bobber Anne both weekends and stock up on the best fishing tackle.

  • Get expert fishing lure advice on your favorite fishing lake, species or tactic and pick up great lures at show prices.
  • Hand pick the most sensitive fishing rods from our Gapen premium Wilderness Series rods and experience the ultra-smooth new Gapen Wilderness reels. The best reason to make the show - hand pick the action of your new rods for this year.
  • The weekend of February 24th - 27th meet Team USA's Johnny Wilkins and talk bank fishing, float fishing and fish live bait better this year.
  • Indianapolis Fishing Outdoors Show Information
Indianapolis Fishing Outdoors Show - Gapen Fishing Tackle

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DAN GAPEN'S Many Books & DVDs

Pick up one of many books written by Dan Gapen. We will have books and DVDs in stock so you can spend time with our favorite fishing and outdoors legend!
We will also have Dan's latest book:

A Wilderness Live As I Lived It

We hope to visit with you at the upcoming outdoors shows - this is your chance to bring your lake questions and ask experts in our Gapen booth! Bring a map, depths, questions and we will show you great lures, rods and reels to catch more fish and enjoy the outdoors where you fish.

(We will miss Dan greatly - his presence at shows was worth hanging out - his stories, amazing).

2022 Fishing Show Schedule
Jan. 6 - 9 Visit us at Booth 2767

Ultimate Fishing Show - Detroit, Michigan 2022

Gapen Fishing Tackle Show Schedule