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Kangaroo Fly Line
Gapen Kangaroo Fly Line

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Gapen’s fly lines host welded loops at each end. What is a welded loop? It is the formation of an inner wound loop on the fly line’s ends. This loop enables the angler easy attachment to backing and fly leader to fly line. This is essential because you can connect your fly to leader without a complex knot. You can also change leaders much faster!

Your new Kangaroo fly line consists of a nylon core and an outer layer of alcosol coating. Alcosal has been field tested for 5 years. During these tests there were no failures, splits or fatigue ruptures to these NEW fly lines after 1000's of hours of testing, rolling, hook sets, pick-ups through frigid streams and hot summer sun. This fly line is tough, durable and will last without loop failure for thousands of casts.

The fly fisherman can buy no better line on the market today, no matter the price. Gapen’s NEW Kangaroo fly lines were deemed ‘bullet proof’ by a series of guides in Montana. Lines weights. Easy ordering system provides lines to match your rods. Lower numbers are lighter lines for small brooks and panfish and higher numbers are for more robust rods and fishing larger flies for pike, salmon, muskie, carp and big saltwater species like bonefish, tarpon and dolphin.

Gapen's loop-end Kangaroo Fly Line comes in 85-foot lengths and in the following weights to match your rod:

No. 4 - 3-5 weight fly rods
No. 5 - 4-6 weight fly rods
No. 6 - 5-7 weight fly rods
No. 7 - 6-8 weight fly rods
No. 8 - 7-9 weight fly rods
No. 9 - 8-10 weight fly rods

Wether you are looking for an easy beginner fly fishing setup or you are an expert fly angler - you will find these line the easiest and most versatile to fit your fly fishing needs.
  • Welded loops at each end.
  • Easily attach backing and leader
  • Nylon core
  • Outer layer of alcosol coating.
  • No failures, splits or fatigue ruptures
  • 3/4, 4/5, 5/6, 6/7, 7/8, 8/9 and 9/10 come
  • 85 foot length

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