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Bait-Walker Bottom Sinker Rig, Deep water rig, Walleye Trolling Weight, Snagless Bottom Weight
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Bait-Walker Sinker

The Bait-Walker Sinker was created to walk rocky bottom structure without snagging up. It was designed in 1975 by Dan Gapen, Sr. to work both live bait and lures, such as crankbaits, spoons, trolling flies and stick plugs. Research proved the Bait-Walker to be 85 to 90% snag-free on natural rock bottom in both lake and river. The Bait-Walker walks across bottom with little resistance, because less than 5% of the sinker touches bottom. Built with a patented flat back, the angler feels less than 50% of the sinker's actual weight. Example: a 2 oz. Bait-Walker pulls but 1 oz. or less, at rod tip. When engaged in a rock crevice, the user only has to back over the snag, pull hard, and feel the sinker pivot back on itself and out of the snag. When touching rough rock bottom, because the point of pull is up and above the sinker weight, this rig will help lift up off the bottom then settle back to bottom inches later.

Besides all these features, the Bait-Walker also acts as a keel sinker, providing line twist while trolling. Nothing will get live bait or your favorite stick plug down where fish hold--better than a Bait-Walker sinker. Rig up a Gapen Bait-Walker and bait walk your offerings across structure to catch more fish. Walleye rigs, lake trout trolling, catfish weight and salmon rigging couldn't be easier than with the Gapen Bait-Walker. Bottom-bounce your way to hungry bottom-hugging fish with a Gapen Bait-Walker today.
Bait-Walker Plus
Bait-Walker Plus
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Bait-Walker Plus

Gapen's Bait-Walker PLUS was added to Gapen's line to fill the gap for those anglers who find using spinner snell rigs a problem. With the addition of a spinner blade on the Bait-Walker's upper arm, the angler attains all the flash and attractiveness of a snell rig without the problems created by the same. In the larger 1 1/2, 2 and 3 1/2 oz. sizes you now can troll your favorite stick plugs or crank bait and add the attractor used while live baiting. The color chartreuse has come of age in the last 15 years and we've seen fit to add it to our entire Bait-Walker line. This color is particularly effective in the PLUS series of Bait-Walkers. Dirty, muddy or dingy water is the best target for chartreuse. If you use live bait and troll, or drift fish, the addition of a Bait-Walker PLUS to your tackle box may be the tool to help you fill your livewell.
Bait-Walker Long Wire
Bait-Walker Long Wire
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Long Wired Bait-Walker

Long wired Bait-Walkers are being used by anglers working stick plugs and crank baits for any number of bottom hugging species such as largemouth bass, walleye, smallmouth, stripers and certain species of trout. The longer, higher wire system elevates the lure enough off bottom to allow proper action and helps prevent snagging. Catfishermen find this rig helps when straightlining down stream for finicky feeders. The most popular sizes for both trolling plugs and straightlining for catfish are the 1 1/2 oz. and 2 oz. sizes. To learn more about straightlining, pick up a copy of Dan Gapen's Catfish book (see page 115).

The Long Wire Bait-Walker sinker was added to the Gapen line to give the angler who works plugs over mossy and stick-riddled bottom an advantage. The higher arm holds the lure up just high enough to prevent moss from fouling the hook. It likewise increases the sense of "fallback" for the catfisherman when sensing the catfish bite while straightlining.