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Flicker BT
Flicker BT

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The Flicker
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The Flicker
Europe, they call this lure a pilker. We call it a FLICKER. In Europe, they fish this lure like a jig. A Flicker is considered the number one lure in all of Europe and most of Russia and its satellite countries. The name Pilker means "minnow" in German. Gapen's first introduced the Flicker in a testing program in the year 2001. Added to its European style cousin look alike, Gapen's introduced the Flickers in GLOW paint and a holographic finish. These fish-luring qualities were then topped off with a bright red treble hook, a feature incorporated in many US-manufactured lures. Anglers claim red hooks represent a bloodied bait, making it for more attractive to gamefish. Use the 1/32 oz. and 1/16 oz. for all panfish, the 1/8 oz. and 1/4 oz. size for larger gamefish, such as bass, walleye and trout. One-ounce and 2 oz. size for deepwater.

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