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Gapen Floats & Bobbers are built tough and sensitive to show you the moment the fish takes the bait. The Gapen float offers every angler the ability to present a bait more naturally - right where the fish are. Suspended fish, bottom-hugging fish and fish in structure can be tempted out by locating live bait right in their face. Choose your float by the bait you use- bigger floats present larger baits or jigs and also cast further into wind or waves. Smaller floats are more sensitive and present smaller baits with ultra-sensitive reactions allowing you to see more and for the fish to "feel" less.
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'Bobber' Anne Float Big Game Float Bream Float
Price: $3.50

Price: $6.00

Starting at: $3.60

Bobber Anne Float Big Game Float Bream Float
Crappie Float GAPEN GLOW Floats & Bobbers Panfish Float
Starting at: $3.50

Starting at: $3.60

Price: $3.50

Crappie Float Glow Float Panfish Float
Pencil Float Walleye Float
Price: $3.25

Price: $3.50

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