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Where to Find Lake Trout in August

The diagram discloses two deepwater holes normally found on inland lakes which hold lake trout. There are two ways to fish these spots. To find such spots, an angler must carry a locator. If fishing northern Canada, always take a portable (6-volt battery style) with you. It can be the most important piece of tackle you take along.

To locate these holes when you don't have a locator, try trolling a heavy Bait-Walker style sinker (6 oz. or 10 oz.) with a 40" dropback line to which you attach a large spoon or large plug such as a Flub Dub or Flat Shad.

Once located, change your technique and use a heavy 1.5 or 2 oz. jig. The jig is then vertically worked up and down in the deep hole area. To improve your chances, tip a jighead with a piece of fillet or belly strip off a sucker or even a previous laker kept for dinner.

To properly work a jig or jig tipped with meat, drop bait all the way to bottom, lift a rod length, reeling as you lift so NO slack line is left. Repeat the process all the way to within 20 feet of the boat. If this doesn't work, drop all the way to bottom, then reel at a steady pace all the way back up to the boat. If you spot fish, or catch one, at a given depth, mark your mono line at the strike depth with a black permanent felt-tip marker. This enables you to drop your jig back to the exact spot you hit fish.