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The Effects of "Heavy Winds"

It may be hard to fish in heavy waves, but research shows that it can be very productive. By reviewing this diagram, you will note we have an extremely heavy wind blowing from the northwest. It is pounding in on a lake point which houses walleye along the lake's outer shoreline. Such action pushes any baitfish along that weedy shoreline (C) west into the protection of the large rocks on the point or the bay behind it. This action by the baitfish causes lake-held walleye (deeper water) to move up shallow and onto the point to feed on the disorganized schools of baitfish. At the same time, northern pike in the weedy bay (D) come out to meet and feed on the migration of wind-pushed baitfish. The pike will stage and feed at the point marked (B) on the diagram, while the walleye will feed mostly along the 4 to 6-foot drop-off at the point marked (A). Working such structure is accomplished by using jig and spinner combos or by using medium-lipped Flub Dubs.

Boat position can either hold out front of the point or from an inner position just to the south of point (B).