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Proper Fly Presentation in Running Water

Nymph Fly and Dry Fly Presentation
At station A you'll find a dry fly fisherman facing upstream and casting his fly upstream above his target. This is proper to allow his fly to float, without line drag, in a natural way similar to nature's fly hatches.

The same presentation is done when using a nymph fly. When currents carry fly nymphs, they do so in this manner once the eggs are hatched.

The key to success when using dry flies and nymphs is to allow them to float freely.

Muddler Fly and Streamer Fly Presentation
Though the muddler can be used as a floater during grasshopper season and to represent certain dry flies, its purpose originally was to imitate the sculpin minnow. Thus, you see the angler at point B position casting cross current and presenting a weighted muddler fly or streamer fly in a manner that best imitates a swimming minnow. Retrieve of streamer flies comes cross current or up current, similar to the actions of minnows or baitfish working river currents.

Keep in mind, on occasion, minnows swim with the current. Most of the time they work cross current or at an angle upstream.