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Saltwater Fishing

Tip #1
Many professional saltwater guides prefer NOT to troll with monofilament line instead of Kevlar hard lines when working schools of tuna, bonita and false albacore. Reason: The flat surfaces on Kevlar lines, created in manufacturing, cause the line to sing as it runs through the water. This sound is known to scare these fork-tailed fish away. Mono has no flat surfaces, thus no sound.

Tip #2
Kevlar lines, such as fireline, are best used for deepwater jigging in saltwater. With water depths of 100 to 300 feet deep common when fishing halibut and grouper, monofilament carries too much stretch. Certain mono lines contain no stretch, thus allowing an instant signal of the fish strike, even in 300 feet of depth. With Kevlar line hook set is instantaneous once your bait is struck.

Tip #3
Bottom fish such as goliath grouper (jewfish) and black, red and warsaw grouper generally are found in protective rock or coral caves or in sunken shipwrecks. Once hooked, these species instantly seek shelter in their hiding place. To prevent this reaction, the angler must gain the advantage during the first 30 seconds of the fight. He accomplishes this by the use of much heavier Kevlar line than needed according to the fish size plus an extremely (almost breaking) tight drag set on his reel. These two things, along with extremely heavy upward pull, will generally stop that first return run back to safety by the fish. If you can stop that first run, your chances of landing a trophy are 90% successful.