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Gapen's One and Only: 'Bobber' Anne

Bobber Anne
The Gapen Company believes Anne Orth is one of the most experienced, informed female outdoor sportspersons in America.

Born August 22, 1958 in Melrose, Minnesota, Anne spent much of her early life on her parents' farm. Here, she learned to hunt and fish in the local creeks and farmland. At the age of 26, Anne learned to fly, a hobby she continues to participate in today. At 25, she shot her first deer and at 28, her first bear.

Over the years, Anne has become a competitive pistol shooter, ranking high in the Midwest shooting standing. Canoeing, camping and wilderness exploring have all become her repertoire.

'Bobber' Anne, as she's known within the fishing community, has fished extensively throughout North and South America boating trophy northern pike, lake trout, salmon, arctic grayling, bass, tarpon, billfish and the giant catfish of Venezuela.

Today, 'Bobber' Anne has become a host and co-host on TV, columnist and writer for several newspapers and magazines. She also gives seminars to children at sports shows on how to fish and is a frequent guest on numerous radio shows.

The Gapen Company is very proud of their spokesperson and salesperson, so proud that we had Anne do an outdoor cookbook on fish, fowl and game. Why? Because one of 'Bobber' Anne's other hobbies is cooking, and WOW, she's great at that, too!