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Great fishing gifts for anglers. the easy fishing gift selection that anyone would like - Gapen's Fishing Gift Department.

Find fly fishing gifts, easy fishing gifts - the Gapen fishing gift certificate and even limited edition fishing gifts. Our gift department is the place to find great fishing gifts for fishers, kids, fishermen and ladies who fish any water on the planet .
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wood fly rod, spinning rod case - the ultimate fishing collector's gift Fishing Gift Muddler Minnow Walleye Book Video Mega Pack - Learn to Catch Walleye
Wooden Rod Case
Price: $165.95
Gapen's elegant fishing rod cases host alternating strips of birch wood and walnut wood. Buy this wooden keepsake fishing gift as a holder for your treasured fly rod, bait casting rod or fly rod- the ultimate fishing gift for an angler. This limited edition fly fishing gift has been hand tied by Don Gapen - patriarch of the Gapen Fishing Company. Dan Gapen Sr.'s father - Dan, tied a small quantity of flies which have been placed in a rich, wooden shadow box. Walleye Mega Pack - Book & Video
Catching River Walleye 2-DVD & Book Pack

- How to Fish River Walleye
- River Fishing Walleye
- Summer River Fishing
Gapen Magnetic Cedar Fly Box Wilderness Life As I Lived It Walleye Book Video Mega Pack - Learn to Catch Walleye
Magnetic Cedar Fly Box

A Wilderness Life As I Lived It - Written by Dan Gapen, Sr. adventures and growing up in the Canadian Wilderness.

Walleye Mega Pack - Book & Video
Catching River Walleye 2-DVD & Book Pack offers you expertise in river fishing for walleye from the top walleye angler and Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame member Dan Gapen Sr. He literally shows you every way to attack rivers all season.

Bass Fishing Fly Kit, Floating Bass Flies Fly Kit - Bass Sinking Gift Certificate - the ultimate fishing gift - Gapen Fishing Gift Certificate
Fly Kit - Bass Floating
Price: $19.95

Fly Kit - Bass Sinking
Price: $19.95

Bass Fishing Fly Kit - floating bass flies from Gapen.
Fly Kit - Bass

Get the ultimate fishing gift - the gift of Gapen for your angler. Anglers of any age or experience will love a gift certificate to where they can pick out their favorite flies, angling gifts, baits or even a great rod and reel.