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Walleye on Windblown Islands
During those windy days of June, all of July, and early August, lake walleye often hold in deepwater sanctuaries.  The only time they come up to feed, is when a strong southwest wind is blowing.  They do so to feed on the baitfish which have been hiding along the shallow edges of an island's south and western edges.
Here the minnows have to seek deeper water because of the wind-beaten shore.  Walleye instinctively know this and immediately migrate up to meet the baitfish.  The meeting will occur most of the time at the 5-8 foot depth level.
Reviewing the map, you'll note some walleye migrate long distances to get at the floundering baitfish.  See holding area (E) and the 'feed' point at area (A).  The holding area (F) shows these fish have less distance to travel, but do so in uniformity.
The same is true of those holding in area (G).  They migrate up to areas (A-B-C), then travel along the drop circling back into the holding area at (G) once again after feeding.
Is best done with deep-diving crankbaits, spinner rigged jigs, and meat tipped jigs.  Work lighter colored lures early in the year, and darker colored lures later in the season.