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Poorman's Downrigger Poorman's Downrigger

Poorman's Downrigger Sinker

This is a deepwater trolling rig which suspends the angler's spoon, plug or bait.

Designed by Dan Gapen Sr., the Poorman's Downrigger could be called a close cousin to Gapen's now-famous original Bait-Walker Sinker. Most of the patented features of the Bait-Walker apply to this new trolling rig. Besides having the composition of a Bait-Walker, the Poorman's Downrigger has several additional designs which make it even more effective as a trolling rig for light rods. Two years of depth testing via trolling on four specific species: walleye, salmon, striped bass and lake trout, proved this new rig nearly invaluable to the small open boat angler. Poorman's Downriggers can be run behind nearly any type of standard bait casting or trolling rods and reels.

The main purpose for Gapen's new rig is the suspended fishery which recently came to light when working species such as walleye and striped bass. The Poorman's Downrigger is built to hold a level plane once it reaches the proper depth. Thus, once suspended and noted on the graph, this rig will maintain the proper depth each and every time it is lowered. Even boat speed will have little effect on it. Line weight and length, however, must remain the same.

Like Gapen's Bait-Walker, this new rig creates forward thrust on its patented flat back, causing a lessening of pressure at rod tip. But, unlike the Bait-Walker's rounded snag-free design, this new rig is thin in nature, a design feature which allows it to slip even more softly through deep trolling waters. Imagine, this sinker rig, for the first time in fishing history, allowing an angler using casting equipment to work 16 ounces of lead at depths reaching 140 feet or more.

The Poorman's Downrigger's twin side plates, or fins, work as stabilizers in holding this rig at a given depth. Boat trolling speeds can vary by a mile to half-mile an hour while the outward protruding fins help maintain rig depth.

Charter boat captains prefer this rig when flat lining, due to the Poorman's ability to hold depth and run easily through water. The Poorman's Downrigger will hold the "snag-free" ability of its cousin the Bait-Walker sinker within 85% of performance. It is an excellent rig to use flashy spoons on for salmon. It is a rig that can be used behind an outrigger without tangling on the turn.

Jigets Jigets


Jigets are extremely effective on panfish and trout. Lure construction is of plated sharp hooks, nickel-plated jig head and supple twist-style tails. They are a lure which can be used on fly fishing equipment or spinning gear. They are effective when fish are feeding on small minnows or hatching insect life. Proper presentation of Jigets is accomplished when retrieve is done slowly in short rolling action or in short jerking motions. Such action best represents the movement of a tiny minnow as it attempts to escape toward s the cover of bottom debris. Light line, 2 to 6-pound test, should be used to allow best lure action. When working a fly rod, do so by retrieving in short 8-to-12-inch retrieve strokes. This action best represents the motion of hatching insects as they dart about near surface. Select colors as you normally do to represent the food fish are feeding on.

Price: $1.25

Mr. Waxy Ice Jig | Gapen Mr. Waxy Glow Jig Mr. Waxy

Mr. Waxy Ice Jig

Gapen Jigs That Fish Love - Summer & Winter

All summer and winter anglers know that wax worms are a deadly bluegill and bream bait. When tipped with a small piece of garden worm, spike, maggot, mousie or a natural wax worm, MR. WAXY JIG is a killer presentation. Painted in bright GLOW colors, this jig attracts panfish 24 hours a day--under dark or bright conditions. Mr. Waxy (Mr. Waxie or Mr. Waxey), presents the bait at an angle with it's special tilt-style bait hook to help make the fish strike.

For success on your next outing, be sure to select both bright and dark colors along with multiple sizes to have some small and some medium selections. Having multiple shades, some dark, some light will assure your water conditions work with your offering. Hot colors this season include the Mr. Waxy Chartreuse/Orange, Mr. Waxy Fire Tiger and Mr. Waxy Green / Chartreuse. Another tip- don't be caught with just one of a jig as a break-off or lost jig to a fish will leave you short on your next trip. Ship some extras to assure you have what you need when the fishing action heats up on ice - or in the summer.

Like all Gapen tackle, design, color patterns, hook selection are the elements that provide you with fish-catching success. Quality of components, paint selection and details that go into making Mr. Waxy Ice Jig - the quickest way to hooking up on fish. Great for crappie, perch, bluegill, bream because Mr. Waxy puts the bait right in their lip line and in front of their eyes.

Gapen's ice lures are designed to be used as lures for "all seasons," winter and summer alike. Traditionally, ice lures were constructed for winter use only. Gapen's ice lures are not! They are equally as effective through ice or in open water. Mainly constructed for panfish such as perch, bluegill and crappie, the hook sizes remain small, but don't be surprised when you hook into a bass, walleye or other fish that will love this presentation.

All Gapen's winter/summer jigs are nickel-plated prior to glow paint being sprayed on. Such action prevents corrosion in tackle boxes. Stock up on Mr. Waxy jigs to get your tackle box ready to catch fish. Mr. Waxy has been one of our hottest selling jigs which means it is catching and catching from the East Coast to the Upper Midwest. Drop Mr. Waxy into your local waters and find out why it is so hot.

Price: $1.25

Hellgrammite Hellgrammite


HELPFUL TIPS: 'Female' Hellgrammite Drift Jigs This specially-designed drift jig, Gapen's female hellgrammite, best imitates a dislodged bottom dweller which is swept away by current flow and cast rapidly downstream.

HOW IT WORKS: Cast slightly upstream to a spot directly above the fish holding area you've selected. Begin retrieve by holding rod tip high (never lower it after cast), slowly lower it to comfortable retrieving position as lure departs downstream. At this moment, the boat handler has placed the motor and craft in a 'slip' mode (boat backs slowly downstream while still in forward thrust). As the boat and fishermen slowly back downstream, and the lure is propelled by current in a similar direction, the angler continues to hold their rod tips high, lowering every so often as current and depth at lure position decreases/increases and deepens/shallows. The lure is then eased around an exposed and submerged rock pile by reeling in the appropriate amount of line, then allowing it to drip again. With the boat travel no longer keeping up with lure drift, the angler retrieves his lure rapidly to the boat.

WHY IT WORKS: Special head design of this jig makes it drift in proper fashion. Rubber legs best represent the larger female hellgrammite while body design enhances both of these factors.

WHERE IT WORKS: The Hellgrammite Drift Jig works best in shallow (2'-6'), rocky flat areas in river systems where current flow exceeds 2.5 miles an hour. It works best in lakes on shallow rocky island/shoreline reefs which are shallow in nature.

Starting At $1.65

Crappie Vixen Crappie Vixen

Crappie Vixen

It's all in the hair used on the Crappie Vixen that makes this jig lure so incredibly special. No matter what color we dye the arctic fox hair which dresses this jig, it's the unique texture of the hair that creates this one-of-a-kind pulsation. The arctic fox is protected by a pure white coat of hair during winter which is constructed with two distinct textures. The outer hair is a bit coarser than the undercoat hair, but both are much finer than any other animal with the exception of an arctic rabbit. However, it is the near feather-like underhair that causes this jig to pulsate, or work, even when the jig has come completely to a stop. This stopping of the Crappie Vixen becomes twice as effective as its competitors when suspended beneath a bobber.

Starting At $1.69

Freshwater Shrimp Jig, Fly Tie Jig, Crappie Hair Tie Jig, Tinsel Jig, Maribou Jig, Trout Jig, Panfish Jig Freshwater Shrimp

Freshwater Shrimp Jig

Important Ordering Information:
The size you order determines the style

1/64 oz = Glitter Tail (Chartreuse shown)
1/32 oz = Glitter Tail (Chartreuse shown)

Because tiny shrimp are found all over the globe, their flash and size are a universal feeding shape to most every fish. The freshwater shrimp jig has the flash tinsel and fly combo that fish hone in on and strike. Grabbing their attention with the flash of light similar to the real thing as it catches rays, the freshwater fresh shrimp catches the focus of fish and gets strikes.

With the quality materials making up this fly jig, the freshwater shrimp jig flicks on the fall, flashes and parachutes into the eye line of now curious fish. The hair and structure form a slow-fall drop that brings strikes from crappie, trout, bass, perch, walleye, white bass and blue gills - any fish that ever ate eats the shrimps.

Crappie fisherman know how on-the-drop fishing is key to catching. A proper crappie jig features water-catching hair shoots and materials that offer a superb slow-drop. Crappie anglers can choose between the Freshwater Shrimp Crappie Jig with glitter tail or the 1/16 oz. and up Freshwater Shrimp Maribou Crappie Jig With Glitter tail for premium hair fly jig combination that few monster crappies resist.

Jigging Tips

Materials make the jig and make the presentation. Proven tie patterns with premium materials make jigs that hook lips because the jig performs in the water column. The sliver flash of the jig head as it pops from the twitch of your rod tip, back to the tinsel glitter tail put a flash in the water that locks the fish in. Flick your rod tip and then follow your jig down -visualizing the slow drop in your mind - follow that downward with your rod tip. Be ready to strike if you get slack line or feel a tap as the jig is suited for attacks "on-the-drop" as the jig slowly falls. You can also watch your line for any sign of slack - this is a fish strike or structure which you should be ready to raise the tip back up to set the hook or lift the jig.

Also essential in a jigging setup is a rod that will transmit the lightest tap back to the angler's hand at the rod handle. High quality carbon wrap spinning rods send the line vibrations from the tip eye straight through to the handle and the angler's fingers. Placing your trigger finger on the rod blank above the cork is a great way to add a little extra feel to sense the lightest strike tap. For great jigging rods with unsurpassed touch and sensitivity, try some of the Gapen Adventure Spinning rods to work your jig and feel light strikes before they get away.

Gapen's Maribou Crappie Jig

These sizes come in Maribou Tail
1/16 oz = Glitter + Maribou Tail (shown-pink below)
1/8 oz = Glitter + Maribou Tail (shown-pink below)
1/4 oz = Glitter + Maribou Tail (shown-pink below)

Glitter + Maribou Tail Jig
Made with a tantalizing tail of marabou and glitter flash, the combined with a body structure similar to a Wooly Bugger fly makes Gapen's freshwater shrimp in 1/16 oz., 1/8 oz., and 1/4 oz. such a deadly fish enticer. All heads are nickel-plated and can be used in both freshwater and saltwater. Over 5 million of the smaller 1/64 oz. and 1/32 oz. sizes were sold the first 5 years they came out for panfish.

Starting At $2.00

Walleye Icer Walleye Icer

Walleye Icer Ice Fishing Jigs

Stock up on the hottest GLOW - glow-ice jigs. Big fish, walleye jigging lures hottest of the season. UV Glow colors set these apart from the rest along with coatings to prevent rust in your tackle box. Top quality ice fishing jigs that put the ole eyes on ice.

The Walleye Icer was designed to give off an erratic action when worked. Likewise, it works best when tipped with a minnow or leach. For best results, tie the Walleye Icer directly to the line.

Add lighter and darker hues to your tackle box so that you have lures for different light conditions and water colors. For bright days you will find our darker colors really work and for overcast days - use the bright colors and glow jigs to attract the eye of hungry brown and white fin tips to your area.

Glow Jigs for Snow-Covered Fishing

Glow Jigs for Deep Fish & Snow-Covered Fishing - we've got your UV Glow. Charge up with a flasher or UV Flashlight. The glow attracts fish from further away and in deep drop situations where water is dark. You will find the glow is bright and lasts. Check your colors for glow indications. UV Flashlights have a light bandwidth that is far better than a regular flash light for charging these jigs. Stained waters of the North limit visibility. UV Glow ice jigs will allow fish in these dark tanic waters to see fish a few feet further inducing strikes. Stained water? Gapen UV Glow Jigs do the trick.

Price: $2.00

Bait-Walker Long Wire Bait-Walker Long Wire

Long Wired Bait-Walker

Long wired Bait-Walkers are being used by anglers working stick plugs and crank baits for any number of bottom hugging species such as largemouth bass, walleye, smallmouth, stripers and certain species of trout. The longer, higher wire system elevates the lure enough off bottom to allow proper action and helps prevent snagging. Catfishermen find this rig helps when straightlining down stream for finicky feeders. The most popular sizes for both trolling plugs and straightlining for catfish are the 1 1/2 oz. and 2 oz. sizes. To learn more about straightlining, pick up a copy of Dan Gapen's Catfish book (see page 115).

The Long Wire Bait-Walker sinker was added to the Gapen line to give the angler who works plugs over mossy and stick-riddled bottom an advantage. The higher arm holds the lure up just high enough to prevent moss from fouling the hook. It likewise increases the sense of "fallback" for the catfisherman when sensing the catfish bite while straightlining.

Starting At $2.95



Gapen Introduces The Red Ball JIG

The Red Ball comes with three extra red egg tippers which are heavily scented with anise oil, a natural attractant for all game fish. The Red Ball lure is made of tin, an environmentally safe metal. It is plated in nickel or gold, which creates a flashy fish tempter which fish instinctively gravitate to. See the Fantastic Fishing Tips explaining "How-To" use and why the Red Ball works--and what species it works best on.

Summer or Winter...It Matters Not!

This "NEW" fishing creation, the Red Ball, will produce results on gamefish such as panfish, perch, rock bass, walleye, bass, trout, pike or lake trout.

Gapen's Red Ball JIG brings to the angler a completely new concept in fishing NEVER BEFORE SEEN!

Why???: All fish, from minnow stage, instinctively feed on the eggs of others, even their own species. It is this instinct which the Red Ball targets. Most fish spawn (eggs) tends to carry an opaque orange or red color. It is this shape and color that the Red Balls duplicate. The main silver or gold body design and color is just a device on which to present the red egg. It is the body which creates and triggers a fish attraction and draw to the Red Ball.

As the body flashes, dips, dives and erratically darts towards the fish staging area, it creates interest and fish come directly to it. But, it is the shape, color and scent of the Red Ball that stimulates the reaction to strike.

Working the Red Ball: Numerous lifts and twitches at rod tip are required as the Red Ball is presented. Once in the fish staging zone, this lure should be held still. If, after 30 seconds, no strike is felt, anglers should twitch the Red Ball two or three times and wait. Still no strike--repeat the process of casting or vertically jigging.

A Look Behind the Scenes of our "New" Red Ball JIG

Bob Kook, fishing buddy, cameraman and good friend of the Gapen's, first laid the idea of the Red Ball style jig on Dan Gapen, Sr. after he'd done research while ice fishing for panfish. Bob noted that more times than he could count, panfish had a tendency to attempt to eat the split shot which held his offering down. Eventually, he used just a shot on a hook with no natural bait, and caught fish. Next, the split shot were painted a number of colors. Red turned out to be the best. Then a small 1/4 inch red plastic bead was placed on a nickel flat spoon hook. It worked! It seems the flashing wobble of the spoon drew the panfish in, but it was the red bead which they struck.

A Theory Why It Works
All fish species begin as eggs, which in turn turn into very small fish fry with a large egg sack attached. The sack, normally an orangish or reddish color is what the tiny minnow feeds on while it grows. During this period of life, a fish is extremely vulnerable to predation.

Thus, there is a natural instinct in all fish species to feed on eggs or anything which consists of a round circular shape.

It is a genetic instinct which cannot be withheld when fish are in search of food.

Therefore, fish, no matter what the species, are drawn to this food's shape more than they are drawn to the egg by smell or action. As a matter of fact, the Red Ball is best presented to fish in a still manner (motionless).

Presentation of the Red Ball
Two years of research proved up the following. The flash and darting action of the tin body of the Red Ball brings the fish in to this bait. But, it's the red egg-tipped on the metal body which drives them to strike it. "Strike" will come 90% of the time when the lure is held motionless for several moments. At times, the angler should allow the Red Ball to sit still and for as long as 30 seconds before striking results will occur.

Normally, species such as perch, bluegill, crappie, rock bass, whitefish and ciscoes will charge into the bait as it is vigorously jigged up and down, and then nose in to within a couple inches. Only then, when it's held still will they close in on it, flare their gill plates and suck the Red Ball in.

In the case of crappie and perch, they will rise as the bait is ingested. This creates an easing off of line pressure at rod tip. Bluegill, rock bass and other species suck the Red Ball in and dart off creating a hard strike at rod tip.

Gapen's continue with future research on other gamefish species as you read this copy in their newest catalog. Research in new lure styles, with the Red Ball construction and theory are on-going. Fish such as walleye and bass are now being offered new Red Ball lures. As of today, the new idea is working well. Gapen's knows the round ball works. They only have to develop body styles to carry the Red Ball to other gamefish.

It is my belief--Dan Gapen, Sr.--that many of us, as well as myself, have been working our winter and summer jigs too hard. We've held with the theory that a rapid jigging action is the key to cause fish to strike.

Not so!!!
The rapid jigging action of a lure is what causes the fish to notice an offering. Thus, drawing them to our lure. However, if this rough working of the lure continues, such action will flush fish from your lure. It matters not if you've tipped it with natural bait or not.

Holding it motionless after a series of jerks and twitches is by far the best presentation. If you have an underwater camera this theory can be well-documented.

If fish fail to strike the motionless lure, a painfully slow rise of the bait will renew their interest. If that fails, then the target probably isn't ready to feed and you best repeat your attractive jigging action to draw in another fish target.

Starting At $2.95

Bait-Walker Plus Bait-Walker Plus

Bait-Walker Plus

Gapen's Bait-Walker PLUS was added to Gapen's line to fill the gap for those anglers who find using spinner snell rigs a problem. With the addition of a spinner blade on the Bait-Walker's upper arm, the angler attains all the flash and attractiveness of a snell rig without the problems created by the same. In the larger 1 1/2, 2 and 3 1/2 oz. sizes you now can troll your favorite stick plugs or crank bait and add the attractor used while live baiting. The color chartreuse has come of age in the last 15 years and we've seen fit to add it to our entire Bait-Walker line. This color is particularly effective in the PLUS series of Bait-Walkers. Dirty, muddy or dingy water is the best target for chartreuse. If you use live bait and troll, or drift fish, the addition of a Bait-Walker PLUS to your tackle box may be the tool to help you fill your livewell.

Starting At $3.00

Flicker Flicker

The Flicker

Europe, they call this lure a pilker. We call it a FLICKER. In Europe, they fish this lure like a jig. A Flicker is considered the number one lure in all of Europe and most of Russia and its satellite countries. The name Pilker means "minnow" in German. Gapen's first introduced the Flicker in a testing program in the year 2001. Added to its European style cousin look alike, Gapen's introduced the Flickers in GLOW paint and a holographic finish. These fish-luring qualities were then topped off with a bright red treble hook, a feature incorporated in many US-manufactured lures. Anglers claim red hooks represent a bloodied bait, making it for more attractive to gamefish. Use the 1/32 oz. and 1/16 oz. for all panfish, the 1/8 oz. and 1/4 oz. size for larger gamefish, such as bass, walleye and trout. One-ounce and 2 oz. size for deepwater.

Starting At $3.19

Crawfish Jig With Snag Resistant wedge-head jig Crawfish Jig

Dan Gapen, Sr. spent 8 years tying, testing and re-tying this lure. It works on any gamefish, which feed on crawfish. Nothing attracts and entices fish to strike better than natural deerhair and feathers. Combined these features with the patented, SNAG-FREE wedge-head of this lures relative, the UGLY BUG jig, and you've created a monster fish catcher.

Starting At $3.29

Bobber Anne Float 'Bobber' Anne Float

'Bobber Anne' Float

Constructed with South American balsa wood, a SPECIAL SLIP-N-LOCK line-attaching device, and a through-glass stem, Gapen's floats are the strongest, most sensitive balsa floats on the market today. This is Gapen's Hungarian import. We do so because they are the WORLD'S FINEST in quality and performance. Constructed of South American balsa wood, quality epoxy paint and finished with premium clear varnish. Slip-N-Lock fishing floats are fitted with newly-patented snaplock attach/release devices. Fluorescent red float tips, set high above float, create easy visual contact for the angler who works live bait such as chubs, fatheads, sucker minnows, shad, worms, crickets and dead bait, for species such as bluegill, crappie, bass, walleye, catfish and big game species.

Price: $3.50

Muddler Minnow Jig - Gapen's Muddler Muddler Jig

Muddler Jig

Structured in a similar fashion to the Original Muddler Fly, created by my father Don Gapen, the Muddler Jig is graced with a jig head so the spin fisherman is able to take advantage of the superb lure (fly) design.

Originally the Muddler Jig was brought to the market in 1971, then discontinued due to the lack of experienced fly tiers, in 1980. During its first lifespan the Muddler Jig proved deadly on smallmouth bass, walleye, salmon and all trout species. Nothing better attracts gamefish than deerhair, feathers and squirrel tail.

Original research proved that the Muddler Jig best represented a bottom-walking crawfish, a food that all fish named, feed on, and in certain water where sculpin minnows live. It was also proved as a deadly ringer for the sculpin.

Starting At $3.50

Flicker BT Flicker BT

FLICKER BT Sale - 50% off our 1/2 oz. Flicker BTs - hurry, this special ends when the ice starts to get thick!

Starting At $3.95

Ugly Bug - The Ugly Bug (1-2 oz.)

The Ugly Bug® (1-2 oz.)
Like smaller Ugly Bugs these larger and heavier models walk rock bottom virtually snag-free. However, these larger models do it in water depths from 30-100 feet deep. The new heavier Ugly Bugs are ideal for working deepwater bass, stripers, walleye, lake trout and salmon species. When vertically jigged, these heavy jigs always hold a horizontal position enabling the fish better strike engagement. In fast rivers, these new heavy Ugly Bugs work great below dams and deep channels. Buy white, yellow, orange and chartreuse for lake trout, salmon and stripers. Buy the darker colors for bass. Use both light and dark colors for walleye.

- Deepwater Bass
- Lake Trout
- Salmon
- Stripers
- Walleye

Starting At $4.25

Red Ball Scent Ball | Jig Tip | Ice Fishing Egg | Red Egg Ball | Gapen Red Ball | Red Ball Tipper | Plastic Fish Egg Red Ball - (24ct.)

Red Ball

Fish Focus and Strike on the Red Ball

Red Ball Hook Tipping Egg - Anise ScentThe new fishing creation, the Red Ball, will produce results on gamefish such as panfish, perch, trout, rock bass, walleye, pike or lake trout. Gapen's Red Ball brings to the angler a completely new concept in fishing NEVER BEFORE SEEN- WHY??? All fish, from minnow stage, instinctively feed on red balls (the eggs of others), even their own species.

It is this instinct which the Red Ball targets and the instinct that entices so many strikes and holds by fish everywhere. Most fish's spawn (eggs) tend to carry an opaque orange or red color. It is this shape and color that the Red Ball duplicates.
Use the red ball tipped on any treble hook from crank baits, to jigs to jigging spoons such as the Flicker or Flicker BT.
The main sliver or coloration on a jig's flash and shape attract the fish but sometimes the fish stop short of striking. It is the Red Ball that draws the fish's attention and the shape and color - combined with a proven scent, triggers focus and a strike more times than without.

The scent in Red Ball is a Gapen family proven fishing scent which is also rechargeable. After fishing the Red Ball you can easily remove it from the hook and return it to it's original bag with the others. Seal the bag and your Red Ball bait will scent itself and recharge for the next time out! Not many baits are this durable and can recharge scent. The Red Ball is also very durable and can be unhooked over 150 times and placed back in the bag, tackle box.

The Red Ball carries scent on the back of any crank bait and can be that last deciding factor in causing a following fish to strike instead of turning away. Red Ball masks human oils and is a scent the Gapens have used for 100 years - it is the critical, potent pure scent that some expert anglers have used for the longest time for its fish-catching powers.

Red Ball comes in 3 sizes each of 24. Select Small, Large or Mixed (12 Small - 12 Large in same package). Use the small for most ice lures and smaller fish species and use the large for crank baits and larger species of fish.

Red Ball is a trademark of the 2020 Gapen Fishing Co.

Price: $4.25

Nepag - Big (Freshwater) Nepag - Big (Freshwater)

Nepag ORIGINAL Weight-Forward Spinner

The Nepag is the angling world’s original in-line spinner lure! Often imitated, never duplicated. Created in Nipigon, Ontario, Canada byDon Gapen, Dan’s father in 1941. This NEW lure has been recreated by his son, Dan. Nepags were original made to encourage the world famous brook trout of the Nipigon River. It was then copied by John Hodackof the Paul Bunyan Bait Company in St. Paul,Minnesota, thus the Paul Bunyan 66 was born. That's right - it is a huge compliment to be copied - and we were the original - still the best.

Next the 66 was copied when the Erie Dearie weight-forward spinner came to be. Casting and retrieving this lure requires a slow lifting and lower-ing of rod tip for best results. A similar method is used when trolling. Jigging bottom with a slow lift and lower will produce all bottom-hugging game fish such as bass, lake trout, catfish, salmon and walleye. The Nepag hosts a “glow” head made of tin, a light-flashing holographic spinner, and up riding snag-free hook and a deer hair body which holds scenting 10 times longer than plastic.

: $10.95
Price: $10.95
Sale Price: $5.95
Save $5.00!

Fish Fry 1.5" Crank Bait Fish Fry 1.5" Crank Bait

Fish Fry One & a Half Inch (1.5") Crank Bait

Tiny crankbaits loaded with fish-catching talent! Built with sturdy "thru-wire" construction, hard peafoam and razor sharp treble hooks which are as good as any treble-loaded crankbait in the world. The Fish Fry hosts a holographic, natural life-like finish that will attract all species from bluegill, crappie, bass, walleye and even carp.

From the first field test of the Mini Fish Fry, it proved its worth on multiple fish species which succumbed to its charms. testing began on a warm day in early September 2007. Only a dozen prototype lures had been created for the original tests. Six of them in Shad finish, six in a Perch pattern.

'Bobber' Anne and I decided to try this new lure on the upper Mississippi River, which is rather shallow, rocky and hosts both fast and slow waters. This part of the Mississippi contains multiple species of fish. Walleye, smallmouth bass, rock bass, catfish, bluegill, northern pike, muskie and a wide variety of roughfish swim beneath its waters.

Using a five-foot lite spinning rod loaded with four-pound monofilament line, we began to troll above the lift area where water depth reached five to six feet. Knowing this, we'd added a #8 shot a foot above where the line is tied into a tiny lure. To allow the lure freedom in its wobble, we'd tied a #12 snap-swivel, one with a round clip, to line's end and snapped the Mini Fish Fry to it. The split shot would take the small lure down to about four feet of depth.

We'd traveled less than a hundred feet when the light rod snapped backwards by a hard hit. After a tough fight, the landing net swung under a 12 1/2-pound channel catfish. It was the first fish the Mini Fish Fry had captured.

Yes, a bit unusual but very understandable. All species feed on tiny fish fry which crowd our fishing waters, especially those which have just emerged from the egg yolk stage.

Our second fish ended up being a seven-pound carp. It was a battle I'll never forget. What pleased me was the fact that this new lure's #14 treble hooks held so well. After months of testing, it became evident that these tiny trebles held and never failed, no matter how large the fish.

Note: The angler needs a needle-nosed pliers to get the small hooks out much of the time.

Our testing was confirmed on that very first day with literally dozens of fish landed. The oddest of them were a pair of redhorse suckers that sucked the small lure in as its nose kicked up silt off the bottom in a large eddy. Other notable fish taken on day one of our field testing was a 4 1/2-pound smallmouth and dozens of its children in the 9 to 14-inch size. A five-pound walleye and numerous small walleye between 6 and 18 inches were also taken. Our bag included bluegill, rockbass, a small pike and even a yellow bullhead.

At this point, it was obvious Gapen's had a winner. Fourteen more months of testing the new Fish Fry line of lures in two sizes, as well as a dozen colors further showed us we had a winner. We'd gone from some of the largest lures in the world to the smallest crankbait with great success.

Great Low Price $5.95

Flub Dub Crankbait | Crank Spin | Crank Spinner Combo Flub Dub - (Shallow Diver)

The "flash" of a spinnerbait added to
the "wobble" of a plug.

Starting At $6.50

Big Jig Big Jig

The Big Jig

Gapen's Always Reliable Lure -The Big Jig

The Gapen crew has fished the saltwaters of Alaska with fantastic results on all bottom fish using the 1 1/2 oz. and 3 oz. Big Jigs. Ask any of them when you call in your order (toll-free number: 877-623-2099) about the successes they achieved when the Big Jigs were worked in water from 70' to 170' deep. They'll tell you that this jig need only be dropped to the bottom, then jigged repeatedly as it's reeled in for great results on all saltwater bottom fish.

Cold Water 'Jumbo' Flathead Cats on the "Big Jig"

Each winter season, when water temperature falls beneath 45 degrees, there comes a migration of huge flathead cats to the structure beneath the large lock & dam systems of North America. They force in on any deepwater structure (a pocket or hole) directly down river from the dam. Though water temps are extremely cold, these huge fish continue to feed. This is where the Big Jig comes into play. By vertically working the Big Jig 'slowly' among these tightly-schooled fish, the knowing angler will take more than his share of trophies. Look for water depth from 18' to 24' in an area directly behind a structure such as a wingdam or lift-in river bottom. Choose days which are sunny, after a warm-up in air temperature. If you are hearty enough, there's huge flatheads there for the taking.

This 9" twist-style jig works on all large gamefish, which normally can be caught with a jig-style lure. The hooks are heavy duty and can be used in saltwater as well as fresh. Excellent jig on striper, lake trout, northern pike, muskie, and even large trophy walleye and largemouth bass. Saltwater species such as tarpon, amberjack, tuna and yellow-tailed jack find this lure attractive.

Huge Fish=3 oz.
Big Jigs 3 oz.
Big Jigs=150 Ft. of Depth
Which equals 50 Ft. per 1 oz.
"The Monster Fish Formula"

Sixty-five years ago when I guided Northern Ontario, we were always asked what lures tourists should bring to catch trophy pike and lake trout. Our consistent and continual answer was, "BIG BAITS CATCH BIG FISH!" It was a truth which my guests proved out day after day. Small lures, for the most part, catch average-sized or small fish. Think about it! A 30-lb. pike's stomach often contains a 3-lb. pike or walleye. A 30-lb. lake trout, when stomach contents are examined, will give up a 3-4lb. whitefish.

If you need further proof, monster lake trout, halibut, grouper or striper come out of water depths from 60-150 ft. Try getting a 1/2 oz. lure down to these trophies. It can be done, but usually the line, rod and reel are too light to land such a fish from these depths. It takes 20-to-50-lb. test line to horse these brutes to the surface. And, it take a large, heavy lure to get down and attract an edible target. So, the 3-oz. Big Jig is ideal to do the job.

Tip: To add enticement to your Big Jig, try placing a narrow strip of belly fat (8"-10") cut from a previously-caught fish. Hook it by one end, let it dangle out behind or beside the large twist tail on the Big Jig. Now you've added a scent to the already-attractive lure.

Starting At $6.95

Flub Dub (Deep Diver) Flub Dub (Deep Diver)

For anglers who search deep waters for
walleye, trout, muskie, pike & salmon.

Starting At $7.50

Weedcutter Weedcutter


Weedcutter Spinnerbait for Pike, Muskie and All Gamefish The 1.5 oz. Weedcutter spinner bait isn't new to the Gapen line of tackle, but this size is. Years ago, Dan Gapen, Sr. created the first willow leaf spinner bait for the fishing industry in smaller bass sizes. It was an instant success. Unlike all the other spinner baits, the Weedcutter has a unique ability to travel through weeds, brush, stumps and willow without hanging up. It's deadly on northern pike, muskie, largemouth bass and even giant striper. Working the Weedcutter Like any Gapen product, the Weedcutter was field-tested during the summers of 1996 and 1997. This "new" lure proved to be lethal on trophy gamefish. The Weedcutter was especially deadly on muskie and giant northern pike. Attracting these two species was best done by retrieving in a slow-rolling manner through and over dense cover.

Silver Glitter Temporarily Out of Stock

Price: $9.95

Most Sensitive Fishing Rod | Graphite Kevlar Spinning Rod | Gapen Spinning Rod | Graphite IM6 Wrap Spin Rod | Walleye Rod | Trout Rod | Perch Rod | float fishing rod Wilderness Rod - Spinning

Most Sensitive Fishing Rod - Kevlar Carbon-Laced Graphite

Most Sensitive Fishing Rod - Gapen Wilderness Series fishing rod is an unbelievable value. Don't be fooled by rod manufacturers who boast of 70 & 80 million modulus cloth in their rods! To be safe, ask them what percentage (%) of 70 or 80 million modulus their rods contain?? If they are honest, most will answer that their rods contain less than 20% of the claimed material.

Gapen's NEW Kevlar carbon laced graphite, along with the NEW hard wrap graphite cloth, has allowed these NEW Wilderness Fishing Rods to come to the angler at a much lower retail price.

Buying TIP: 2nd Rod Ships Free. It is best to have a back-up rod on trips that is the same as the other you are fishing. Nothing worse than losing a rig or rod with no back-up when the fishing is getting good!

Rod POWER.All gapen rods fish like two rods. You can fish light-biting ultra-light species and the rods all have power underneath. When you get into big fish, these rods are built to still have the power to play the big beasties. These are the lightest, most-sensitive yet powerful rod blanks you can fish. Use the same rod for small trout to medium pike without switching rods! Saves room in packing and allows you to use the same rod with heavier lines or a lighter touch. They all fish braid or mono with highest quality guides.

Most Sensitive Fishing Rod - Feel the Taps. Natural Cork Handles - Blank runs all the way through handle. Fuji Titanium guides are tough and will fish braid, firewire.

Gapen Wilderness Spinning Rod Specs:

Rod TypeRod LengthRod SpecLine RatingActionLure WeightGuidesPieces
Spinning5'Light2- 6 lb. Medium Fast1/64th to 1/8 ozFuji Titanium1
Spinning5' 5"Medium6 - 10 lb.Fast1/32 to 5/8 oz.Fuji Titanium1
Spinning6'Medium Light6 - 12 lb. Fast1/16 oz. to 1 oz.Fuji Titanium1

Spinning6' 6"
Medium10 - 16Fast1/2 oz to 1 1/2 ozFuji Titanium1
Spinning7' Medium10 - 16 lb.Fast1/2 oz to 1 1/2 ozFuji Titanium1
Spinning 7'Medium Heavy10 - 25 lb. Fast3/4 oz to 3 ozFuji Titanium1
Spinning9'Medium Light6 - 16 lb.Fast1/16 oz. to 1 oz. Fuji Titanium2
Spinning10'Medium Light6 - 16 lb.Fast1/16 oz. to 1 oz. Fuji Titanium2

The Gapen Wilderness Rod is the most sensitive fishing rod a high-quality graphite casting rod great for spin casting, walleye, bass, crappie, perch, bluegill or trout rod this sensitive and strong kevlar graphite rod is used by Dan Gapen - it's his go-to fishing rod. Select one or two of these great spin casting rods and add the touch and hook-setting speed that a quality graphite rod puts in your hands. For casting spinners, bobbers, floats, jigging, and live bait rigs to feel the lightest tap of any finicky perch, shy-biting walleye or panfish, and to get the jump on lightning-quick trout bites, you will love the feel, speed and touch of this graphite spinning rod. These quality spinning rod blanks will improve your casting, speed up your hook set and give you sensitivity and feel like you have never experienced in a rod. Dan Gapen fishes this spinning rod to feel the lightest bite as kevlar carbon raps transfer touch from your fishing line and hook to your rod top and right to your fingers. Gapen rods are mostly designed one-piece for superior touch, feel and power - at an affordable cost.

High quality construction at a great price, the Gapen Wilderness Rod series puts high performance in your hands for much less money and a replacement warranty to boot. So affordable, you can purchase two or three Gapen spinning rods for the price of one of the more commercial brands. No matter how you might break your rod, you are always covered by our warranty replacement service (see below). Many anglers pick two of the same rods to have extra spinning rod rigs, extra live bait set-ups ready and to have a back-up rod in case of a break. Although we thing you will love this spinning rod so much that you wouldn't think of breaking one, accidents happen. No need to stop fishing if you have a back-up rod, grab two Gapen Wilderness spinning rods and throw, throw, throw to score more fish, feel more bites and or set more hooks on your favorite waters.

Don't let this spinning rod be the one that got away, try one and get to your walleye rod, perch stick or trout rod working your favorite water. Using a more sensitive fishing rod for any method, you will feel every detail and more subtle bites than ever. Upgrade to a Gapen Wilderness rod and feel the great hook set touch and action only a kevlar carbon-laced wrap can offer. Fast action, powerful response and the rod backbone that Dan Gapen demands in his spin casting rod. Hook a rainbow trout, stop a perch from emptying your jig or rip a crappie off the top of structure with our spinning rod and see for yourself.

This rod is the most sensitive fishing rod we can make. Superior in sensitivity and strength to the graphite blanks of the past, these NEW rods carry a friendly and fair lifetime replacement warranty. Your Gapen Wilderness Rod will be replaced for HALF it's retail price due to "ANY" manufacturer defect or customer breakage. We don't care what your accident was, we want you to fish the best rods and get back to fishing with a new rod - warrantied for the life of the rod. We will give you a brand new rod at half it it's current replacement cost! This way you can enjoy catching more fish with a Gapen fishing rod. The following are examples of the current replacement costs:


5' 6" rods retail at $80 -REPLACEMENT PRICE = $40 (Plus Shipping & Handling)

6' 0" and 6' 6" rods retail at $85 -REPLACEMENT PRICE = $42.50(Plus Shipping & Handling)

7' 0" and 7' 6" rods retail at $95 -REPLACEMENT PRICE = $47.50(Plus Shipping & Handling)

9’ rods retail at $169.95 - REPLACEMENT PRICE = $84.95 (Plus Shipping & Handling)

10' rods retail at $179.95 - REPLACEMENT PRICE = $89.95 (Plus Shipping & Handling)

Gapen Wilderness Rod - Casting | Pike | Muskie | Casting Rod | Dan Gapen Fishing Rod Wilderness Rod - Casting


Kevlar Carbon-Laced Graphite Casting Rod

The high-performance fishing rod at an affordable price for fantastic fishing. Don't be fooled by rod manufacturers who boast of 70 & 80 million modulus cloth in their rods! To be safe, ask them what percentage (%) of 70 or 80 million modulus their rods contain?? If they are honest, most will answer that their rods contain less than 20% of the claimed material.

Gapen's NEW kevlar carbon-laced graphite, along with the NEW hard wrap graphite cloth, has allowed these NEW Wilderness Fishing Rods to come to the angler at a much lower retail price. The one-piece construction offers superior sensitivity in a powerful rod.

Due to stock limitations - we are restricted to the rods listed in the pull down at this time. When you see your rod type - we recommend ordering at least one right away.

Buying TIP: 2nd Rod Ships Free. It is best to have a back-up rod on trips that is the same as the other you are fishing. Nothing worse than losing a rig or rod with no back-up when the fishing is getting good!

Gapen Wilderness Rod is a high-quality graphite casting rod great for bait casting, pike, bass and muskie rod this strong kevlar graphite rod | is used by Dan Gapen - it's his fishing rod. Select one or two of these great fishing rods and add the power and speed that a quality graphite rod puts in your hands. For casting plugs, wood baits, spoons to lure in big pike, muskie and bass from tough cover, you will love the feel and power of this graphite casting rod.

High quality construction at a great price, the Gapen Wilderness Rod series puts high performance in your hands for much less money and a replacement warranty to boot. So affordable, you can purchase two or three Gapen rods for the price of one of the more commercial brands. No matter how you break your rod, you are always covered by our warranty replacement service (see below). Many anglers pick two of the same rods to have extra casting rod rigs, extra muskie plugs ready and to have a back-up rod in case of a break. No need to stop fishing if you have a back-up rod, grab two Gapen Wilderness casting rods and throw, throw, throw to score a big bass, massive muskie or powerful pike.

Don't let this casting rod be the one that got away, try one and get to your muskie rod, pike rod or bass rod working your favorite water. Upgrade to a Gapen Wilderness rod and feel the great hook set touch and battle power only a kevlar carbon-laced wrap can offer. Fast action, powerful response and the rod backbone that Dan Gapen demands in his pike casting rod. Hook a muskie, stop a bass or rip a pike through heavy cover with our casting rod and see for yourself.

Similar in sensitivity and strength to the graphite blanks of the past, these NEW rods carry a friendly and fair lifetime replacement warranty. Your Gapen Wilderness Rod will be replaced for HALF it's retail price due to "ANY" manufacturer defect or customer breakage.


(examples shown for replacement costs- please keep receipts!)
5' 6" rods retail at $85 - REPLACEMENT PRICE = $37.50 (Plus Shipping & Handling)
6' 0" rods retail at $90 - REPLACEMENT PRICE = $45 (Plus Shipping & Handling)
7' 0" rods retail at $100 - REPLACEMENT PRICE = $50 (Plus Shipping & Handling)

Price: $80.00

Graphite Spinning Rod Spinning Rod | Gapen Spinning Rod | Graphite Wrap Spin Rod | Walleye Rod | Trout Rod | Perch Rod The Gapen 10

The Gapen 10 - Pro-level Float Fishing Rod for Stream, River, Boat & Shore Fishing Rod. The highest quality rod at this price point in North America - an amazing touch - with ultimate battling power. Long-casting power and versatility in one rod. Light touch and curve point for setting hooks on light line as well as the power to fish braided line (Fuji Guides) for firewire or braid!

: $189.95
Starting At $179.95