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Big Jig
Big Jig

The Big Jig
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The Big Jig

Gapen's Always Reliable Lure -The Big Jig

The Gapen crew has fished the saltwaters of Alaska with fantastic results on all bottom fish using the 1 1/2 oz. and 3 oz. Big Jigs. Ask any of them when you call in your order (toll-free number: 877-623-2099) about the successes they achieved when the Big Jigs were worked in water from 70' to 170' deep. They'll tell you that this jig need only be dropped to the bottom, then jigged repeatedly as it's reeled in for great results on all saltwater bottom fish.

Cold Water 'Jumbo' Flathead Cats on the "Big Jig"

Each winter season, when water temperature falls beneath 45 degrees, there comes a migration of huge flathead cats to the structure beneath the large lock & dam systems of North America. They force in on any deepwater structure (a pocket or hole) directly down river from the dam. Though water temps are extremely cold, these huge fish continue to feed. This is where the Big Jig comes into play. By vertically working the Big Jig 'slowly' among these tightly-schooled fish, the knowing angler will take more than his share of trophies. Look for water depth from 18' to 24' in an area directly behind a structure such as a wingdam or lift-in river bottom. Choose days which are sunny, after a warm-up in air temperature. If you are hearty enough, there's huge flatheads there for the taking.

This 9" twist-style jig works on all large gamefish, which normally can be caught with a jig-style lure. The hooks are heavy duty and can be used in saltwater as well as fresh. Excellent jig on striper, lake trout, northern pike, muskie, and even large trophy walleye and largemouth bass. Saltwater species such as tarpon, amberjack, tuna and yellow-tailed jack find this lure attractive.

Huge Fish=3 oz.
Big Jigs 3 oz.
Big Jigs=150 Ft. of Depth
Which equals 50 Ft. per 1 oz.
"The Monster Fish Formula"

Sixty-five years ago when I guided Northern Ontario, we were always asked what lures tourists should bring to catch trophy pike and lake trout. Our consistent and continual answer was, "BIG BAITS CATCH BIG FISH!" It was a truth which my guests proved out day after day. Small lures, for the most part, catch average-sized or small fish. Think about it! A 30-lb. pike's stomach often contains a 3-lb. pike or walleye. A 30-lb. lake trout, when stomach contents are examined, will give up a 3-4lb. whitefish.

If you need further proof, monster lake trout, halibut, grouper or striper come out of water depths from 60-150 ft. Try getting a 1/2 oz. lure down to these trophies. It can be done, but usually the line, rod and reel are too light to land such a fish from these depths. It takes 20-to-50-lb. test line to horse these brutes to the surface. And, it take a large, heavy lure to get down and attract an edible target. So, the 3-oz. Big Jig is ideal to do the job.

Tip: To add enticement to your Big Jig, try placing a narrow strip of belly fat (8"-10") cut from a previously-caught fish. Hook it by one end, let it dangle out behind or beside the large twist tail on the Big Jig. Now you've added a scent to the already-attractive lure.

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