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Ugly Bug Structure Jig | Stand-up Jig | Anti-Snag Jig | Rip-Rap Jig | Bass Jig | Walleye Jig | Lake Trout Jig - The Ugly Bug (1/32 - 5/8 oz.)

How to Select your Ugly Bug Jigs:

There is a basic rule to purchasing the Ugly Bug jig. In spring, buy light colors. In the heat of the summer, buy dark colors. In fall, go back to the light colors. In spring and fall, tip with minnows. In the hot months, tip with crawlers or leeches.

Deep lake water and spawning areas downstream from huge river dams require the use of the larger 5/8 oz. Ugly Bugs. Many of these areas are fished best by vertically jigging this size and tipping it with walleye size sucker minnows.

Starting At $2.60

Ugly Bug Bodies Ugly Bug Bodies (6-pack)

Ugly Bug Body Replacements

Ugly Bug Body 6-packs ensure that you have extra fishing! When those hungry beasties tear into your Ugly Bugs, have some extra on hand. They will attack, so be ready with a good supply of our snag-resistant jig bodies that keep you on the fish. Fish more structure, cover more ground with extras on hand. Our unique body design literally hangs on above sticks, rocks, crags and debris to allow you to jig on the top of it. Choose your Ugly Bug Bod replacements to match the jig site you buy. If you are ordering new Ugly Bugs- it is a great idea to add replacement bodies and or extra plain jigs to go with them. Extend your fishing, extend your range and fish closer to danger - where the big fish lurk.

Starting At $5.25