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Streamer - Saltwater Clouser Minnow
Clouser Minnow
Price: $3.15
Created by Dan Gapen, Sr., this hair streamer is tied on a cadmium plated (salt resistant) hook in an inverted style. This makes it nearly snag-free. Excellent large gamefish fly for both salt and freshwater species such as bonita, striper snook, tarpon, tuna, bluefish! Equally effective on freshwater monsters like walleye, largemouth bass, northern pike and muskie - these are strong, powerful flies for the big game hunter - made and designed by Gapen! Fish the best & catch! Clouser minnows have dominated both the fresh and saltwater fishery ever since they were introduced in the 1960s. Made with a weighted beady-eyed head, the fly has the erratic action of a wounded minnow, when retrieved in short, one-foot-at-a-time intervals.