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Wading the Waterways

Rivers: Far too many anglers make the mistake of wading their favorite river while walking downstream. Such action sees all the silt, noise and debris kicked up by the angler go ahead of him and notify the fish that he's coming. This is completely the wrong approach. Not only does it alarm the fish you seek, but it presents the lure in an improper manner by working your lure upstream. The proper presentation of a lure is with the current in a river system. The angler must cast upstream and retrieve downstream to be most effective.

Thus, the fisherman must work upstream into the current and cast upstream into the current to be successful. Remember, food comes with the current in a river system 90% of the time. To imitate it, a downstream retrieve is best. Besides this, walking upstream sees all the debris and noise trail off behind you as you walk into the current. Thus, the fish you are targeting never have a hint you are coming and become easy prey to your properly-worked lures.

There is one other advantage to walking into the current. When you approach a drop off and step into it, recovery is easily achieved due to the water pressure coming against your body from the front. If you wade downstream with the pressure coming against your back and you step into a hole going downstream, recovery is difficult, if not impossible. Maybe you like taking baths, but for the most part, it's not an accepted practice by most, especially if the water is cold.

The most successful lures to use when wading a river properly are livebait, crankbaits and jigs, especially the Ugly Bug.

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