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Flub Dub - (Shallow Diver)
Flub Dub Crankbait | Crank Spin | Crank Spinner Combo

Flub Dub
Shallow Diver
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Shallow Diver Crank Spin Series

Flub Dub Crankbait the "NEW" crankbait incorporates the attractive crank spin flash of a spinnerbait added to the enticing wobble of a plug. This crank spinner combo bait includes great colors such as Shiner, Sucker, Bss, Golden Shiner, Darter Pike and more. The Flub Dub plug is the most smashing innovation in crank baits to hit the fishing market in 30 years. Another Gapen original created in 2001 to enhance the angler's take on all species. Tested and proven for over 10 years since '02-'03 by leading tournament anglers, and the Gapen test team.
The Flub Dub looks great but it's power comes from the nearly indestructible construction. Toothy fish won't wreck your favorite bait - they will smash it, gobble it, inhale it and attempt to murder it. The Flub Dub is created with through-wire construction which means power on the hook-set that won't ever give out. Wires connect through the entire crank bait body from front eye to back!

The body of the Flub Dub itself is also armored against the teeth of gamefish. Sharp teeth can kill ordinary balsa or crack plastic baits. The Flub Dub is constructed of the toughest hardcore foam that we could find. This makes the teeth of attacking fish slide quickly to the hook for supreme hook positioning. Instead of the teeth grabbing into a balsa bait - your bait is protected to last you many trips, trolls, casts and hook sets. Get some new sharp hooks- replace those every once in a while because your Flub Dub will last and last through many fish attacks.

Flub Dub crankbait carves a huge path of disruption in the water column and combine unprecedented flash, vibration and waggle in one package. The bait plows disruption in the water column and summons the instincts of fish to grab a meal - your Flub Dub crankbait. Cast one and you will feel it on your rod tip and feel the disruptive calling power that is Flub Dub.

Fish are attracted to the wounded sound - vibrations and water disturbances of their prey - other fish and minnows. The waffling spinner thrashing back and forth just beneath the wobbler of the crankbait throws a huge sound path attracting instinctive strikes. Both feeding and territorial strikes are triggered by the Flub Dub Crankbaits - something you will notice is that fish attack it. Feel the pull, tug and wobble from your rod tip as the Flub Dub Crankbait wobbles, trashes and calls upon hungry fish to pursue and strike.
For those who worry that the single treble at this lure's tail end isn't enough to hold fish, you needn't worry. Field tests proved that all species (bass, walleye, pike, muskie, stripers, trout, crappie, whitefish, as well as dozens of saltwater species) are readily caught on Gapen's Flub Dub.
- Real-life body gloss finish
- Thru-Wire construction
- Super Hard "Tooth-Proof´┐Ż" Foam Body
- Hyper Prism Body Details and Flash
- Premium Treble Hook
- Holo Graphic Drop Spinner

Note: Use dark colors on smallmouth bass and on bright days - use the bright colors for when the sun goes behind the clouds, in stained water and when light is dim.

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5 of 5 Flub Dub March 12, 2024
Reviewer: PERRY STUCKLESS from ERIN, ON Canada  
Great product. We fish Lake Superior every year and these work great. Great company to deal with. Very prompt shipping.

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5 of 5 April 1, 2023

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5 of 5 Perch Flub Dub July 19, 2021
Reviewer: Knneth S Lyles from South Haven, MI United States  
We went walleye fishing over the weekend. After fishing for a while with several undersized fish boated, I put the FD out 150 back on a poor man’s downigger; out another 160 on a planet board.
We got the biggest 2 legals on this setup!
Thanks Galen!

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5 of 5 February 26, 2021
Reviewer: Peter May from Belleville , ON Canada  

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5 of 5 excellent December 4, 2020
Reviewer: james neal from madison heights, MI United States  
this is better discount tackle lure

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