If it swims with fins, Gapen's SPIN-BEE
will catch it summer & winter!

Flick Fly - The Ugly Bug (1/32 - 5/8 oz.) A Wilderness Live As I Lived It
List Price: $3.29
Price: $3.29
Starting At $2.35
List Price: $34.95
Price: $34.95
Ugly Bug Structure Jig | Stand-up Jig | Anti-Snag Jig | Rip-Rap Jig | Bass Jig | Walleye Jig | Lake Trout Jig Wilderness Life As I Lived It
Flicker BT Flub Dub - (Shallow Diver) Walleye Float
Starting At $3.95
Starting At $6.50
Price: $3.50
Flicker BT Flub Dub Crankbait | Crank Spin | Crank Spinner Combo Walleye Float

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List Price: $109.50
Price: $109.50
Sale Price: $89.50
Save $20.00!
Muddler Gapen Fly Reel - Model 300SD
Muddler Fly Reel Model No. 300SD. This is a very special standard fly reel made to accompany lines from 7/8 wt. to 9/10 wt. The 300 is built with a special Kevlar disk drag which host a one-year warranty.

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