Enter And Win Gapen Fishing Tackle Prize Drawing Raffle

It's a Gapen Prize Promotion. A little gift from Dan Gapen Sr. and the Gapen Fishing Tackle Company
(**Wilderness Rod is worth 2 entries!)

Three fans are going to win!

Win a First Edition Book - Autographed and Other Prizes

There are many ways to win in our Gapen Prize Promotion - now through July 15th you can enter several ways to win an autographed book and other prizes. The top prize is an autographed first edition copy of - A Wilderness Life As I Lived It first edition collectible. This will be the best collectible that you ever read. This 662-page adventure will bring you through a moose harvest and necessities to sustain life through frigid winters in the wilderness of Canada. The pursuit of trout with fearless bears, snapped fishing lines and thundering river rapids. Tales of surviving storms, eerie South America waterways with jungle cats wandering into our evening fishing. A tale of savoring the great outdoors up and down the Americas will bring adventures to life for you. A thank you note from Dan Gapen Sr. to his fans who for years have read his many books - this book is a triumph. We are giving away an autographed first edition copy to one of our lucky fans.

Here is how you can gain easy entries:

You have the chance to enter 6 Times in total per person and you have 45 days to do it - but donít put it off. Make a list and get 'er DONE to win. If you want a great chance at winning the Gapen Prize Promotion - get the maximum of 6 entries. Get a friend or your family in on the prize promotion. Someone is going to win some fishing tackle or an incredible autographed book!

Grand Prize:

First Edition Autographed Book "A Wilderness Life As I Lived It"

Second Prize:

Gapen Fishing Kit Up to $24.95 Value

Third Prize:

Bobber Anne Cook Book + $20 Gift Certificate to Gapen.com

Fourth Prize:

Gapen Prize Promotion - The rules.
No purchase necessary. One prize per household address (can not win twice during this promotion) . The us of bots or contest software will negate your winning any prizes. Maximum of 6 entries per person can be obtained during the prize period (August 20 - October 1, 2020). Entries can be gained from Midnight, June 1st through Midnight, October 1, 2020 (12:01 am October 2nd). Orders or social media entries will be counted through Midnight October 1st and no earlier than 2 pm on August 20th. The purchase of our Wilderness Fishing Rods offers you 2 entries during this promotion.
Past purchases do not count - or past gift certificate purchases do not gain entries. One entry per person for any $20+ gift certificate purchases can be gained during the time period. Multiple gift certificates do not result in multiple entries. Redeemed gift certificates do not result in additional entries during the time period, even if purchased and redeemed during the contest period. One entry max per social media follow share and like. Any purchase entries must be made on Gapen.com. Purchases from any other websites do not count towards an entry. The contest ends at 12:01 am on October 2nd. A random drawing will decide the winners. Odds of winning depend on the total number of entries and the number of entries that you obtain. The use of bots or other programmed false web identities will be grounds for forfeit of all entries. Winner must be an individual. Duplicate emails or altered emails will be grounds for forfeit of all entries. Individual must have accounts under name and be easily
identified through social media accounts. Tax and shipping are not included in order totals. $35 in tackle after sale prices. Sale items are included to qualify for entries - order total prior to tax and shipping will count for an entry. Social media accounts are necessary to follow the Gapen Co. on YouTube and Facebook. Only subscriptions and proper following of the social media rules will gain an entry by successfully following the Gapen Fishing Tackle Channel on YouTube and the Gapen Fishing Tackle Company on Facebook. Using any other pages or not properly following or subscribing will not award an entry. We reserve the right to judge entries.
Winners first name and last initial, location will be posted on Gapen.com and via our Facebook page. Winners will be notified of prizes on October 15th and then posted the following day on this page - and on our social media account.