Gapen Carbon Kevlar Sensitive Fishing Rods

Gapen Rods

The most sensitive jigging rods, the light bite detectors & the light rod construction for all-day fishing!

Fishing Bobbers - Floats - Slip Bobbers - Balsa Bobbers - Slip Floats


See more bites! Suspend bait using Gapen Floats - bobbers. Top bite-detectors show more, hook more fish.

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Gapen Fly Kits

Our fly kits feature Grade A materials. 3 -generations of fly tiers. We invented the Muddler Fly.

Teardrop Jig Teardrop
Price: $1.45

Ice N Ant Ice Jig Fly by Gapen Ice-N-Ant
Price: $1.85

Flub Dub (Deep Diver) Flub Dub (Deep Diver)
Starting At $7.50

Walleye Icer Walleye Icer
Price: $2.00

Crappie Jig Special, Crappie Bait Jig, Plastic Crappie Jig, Crappie Jig and Tail, Crappie Swim Jig Crappie Bait
Price: $1.39


Gapen rods-the most sensitive bite detector

Gapen Wilderness Fishing Rods - learn why assembling the best materials available creates the top bite detecting rod you can buy. From IM6 modulus carbon to the three wraps of kevlar - our rods pick up bites better than any on the market. Add Fuji guides and our Gapen reel seats - this rod has unstoppable power and is super-light for week-long fishing comfort. Watch our video:

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Today's Super Deal!

Gapen Perch Fishing Kit
Lure Kit - Jumbo Perch Kit
Want great value and a fantastic perch-catching kit - try the Gapen's Jumbo Perch Kit and save over $14! This kit includes some of the most effective perch-catching lures, an instructional DVD and bite-making Gapen's Red Ball Eggs - proven irresistible to perch everywhere.

Top Sellers

Gapen Panfish Float
Price: $3.50
Flick Fly Nymph Style
Price: $3.29
Gapen Mr. Waxy
Price: $1.25
Gapen Walleye Float
Price: $3.75
Gapen Crappie & Other Panfish Book
Price: $12.95

New Products

Sale Price: $24.95
Spin-Bee BT
Starting At $3.49
Gapen Fishing Reel Wild River 1
Price: $49.95
Gapen's Muddler Minnow Jig
Starting At $3.50