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BOOK - 'Bobber' Anne's Cookbook
Gapen Bobber Anne's Cookbook

'Bobber' Anne's Cookbook
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'Bobber' Anne's Cookbook

'Bobber' Anne, hunter, fisherwoman, TV personality, writer and outdoors person, has spent years gathering recipes, which are blended in her NEW Tackle Box/Gun Case Cookbook. It is a gathering of all species of game, fish and fowl, indoor and outdoor food preparing marvels. Helped by Dan Gapen, Sr., 'Bobber' Anne's cookbook will take its readers through just about every species that walks, flies or swims in the North American countryside. Dan has released his favorite wilderness recipes, ones learned while guiding in Canada's far north. There are a number of Dan's survival recipes such as "fish on a stick" and "clay baked fish. 'Bobber' Anne has contributed dozens of fish, fowl and game recipes learned in the kitchen which are easily cooked by the lady or man of the house.

This is not just a cookbook, but a fishing, hunting and cooking tips book. There are dozens of helpful tips on how to increase your daily fish catch, learn how to better understand the game you are after, or prepare fish, fowl and game for cooking. Near the book's end there are numerous support recipes which will better enhance the table when fish, fowl and game are served. 'Bobber' Anne's cookbook is a must for anyone who loves to cook the fruits of their hunting or fishing excursion.

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