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DVD - Head River Rat #5 - River Walleye & the "Zone"
DVD Head River Rat 5

"Head River Rat"
DVD Series #5 - River Walleye & the "Zone"
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Dan Gapen Sr's "Head River Rat"

DVD Series #5

- Fishing River Walleye & The "Zone"

As many of you know, Dan Gapen Sr. is the nation's "Head River Rat." His vast experience on rivers throughout the world has been brought to light in the numerous articles written for the North American media. His books on rivers over the years have exposed the angler to a vast array of how-to tips, which have enriched and increased their catch. In their TV show, "Fishing the World with The Ol' Man and Bobber Anne," Dan and "Bobber" Anne have brought viewers to rivers throughout the world where they learn how to fish the multitude of river fish available.

In this River Rat waterway series of DVDs, Dan once again opens the door and educates its viewers to this world where soft flowing and rapid exploding rivers give up their trophies.

We hope these DVDs become a platform from which you can reap the harvest of rivers. As the Ol' Man says, "Relax, savor and enjoy our great outdoors!"

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